Keep yourself safe at any time, with the COVID-19 alerts.

The App “iKiTalk” can be used in IOS and Android and it is its main purpose to inform about the risk levels of any district and its restrictions regarding public and private places.



How it works?

By starting the App the user receives an automatic information about the risk level and the applied measures in their area. As the user starts moving through the street and walking near the entrances of public and private buildings, the App sends an audio alert in a clear and easy way about the COVID19 rules in that specific place.

The iKiTalk App was designed to protect and allow people with visual impairment and senior citizens to navigate freely in the streets.

The iKiTalk App belongs to the myEyes group, an international award winning mobile App has as its mission to deliver mobility support to visually impaired people, allowing them to be more independent when walking outside and inside through audio navigation.

Easy to use, respecting its user’s privacy

iKiTalk App is a free App available for IOS and Android. When initiating the App, the the phone will inform you, automatically by audio, about the region’s risk and the Covid rules applied in that same region. When getting close to the entrance of public and private buildings of general interest, such as public institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, among others, the App will tell you what are the Covid rules of those specific places. The App respects the privacy of its users regarding their personal data.

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