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Stay Safe with Covid Alerts Anywhere

iKiTalk is a smartphone application available for both iOS and Android devices. Its main objective is to provide alerts regarding the Covid rules applicable to public and private spaces.



How it works?

Upon accessing the application, the user is automatically informed about the risk level and applicable measures in the municipality they are located in. As the user moves around the city and arrives at the entrance of public and private buildings, they receive audio alerts in an easy and clear manner, providing information about the Covid rules applicable in those locations.

iKiTalk app was designed to protect and ensure freedom of movement, particularly for individuals with visual impairments and seniors.

iKiTalk app is part of the myEyes universe, an internationally acclaimed mobile application that aims to support the mobility of individuals with visual impairments, enabling them to navigate independently in both outdoor and indoor spaces through audio navigation.

Easy to use, respecting users’ privacy

iKiTalk is a free application available for download on iOS and Android smartphones. Upon accessing the app, the smartphone automatically provides audio information about the risk level and applicable measures in the respective municipality. As users approach the entrances of public and private buildings of significant importance to the local population, such as government offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and more, the app provides audio notifications regarding specific Covid measures applicable to those locations. iKiTalk respects the privacy of its users and complies with applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

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